Complete Control

Client: ClarksProduct: GloformsLaunched: July 2017

Project highlights

• Unity app build
• Fun character animations
• A 24 level game involving adventure, action and strategy
• Play as all 4 characters
• Complete levels to unlock bonus hologram videos

Gloforms App

Help the Gloforms to work together and save the precious bulbs of glowing knowledge in this epic strategy-based action game.

Gloforms love teamwork and switching between different Gloforms to help with specific in-game tasks – evading the sneaky Datacles and uncover hidden facticles. Complete levels to unlock exciting holograms that can be viewed with the aid of a Clarks shoe box.

Working with Clarks for Kids AW17 brand Gloforms, Complete Control designed and built this fun Unity app for 6-8 year olds. Prototypes and early Alpha versions were tested at a local school to gather early insights from the real users and help inform the gameplay and usability. Launched in time for the Back to School campaign in 2017, the Gloforms app was available in the App Store and Google Play for a 1 year campaign.

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