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Client: BBC BitesizeProduct: Karate Cats Game & Promo VideoLaunched: April 2019

Project highlights

  • 360 KS1 English questions
  • 9 mini-games
  • 16 collectible cats
  • Featuring voice of David Tennant

Karate Cats: English

Complete fast-paced, quick-hit, spelling, punctuation and grammar revision mini-games. Successful training will attract KARATE CATS to your DOJO!

Karate Cats were created and designed in-house at Complete Control – inspired by the concepts of practice, progression and ranking that is so prevalent among martial arts. The Karate Cats spend most of their time lounging around doing what cats do best; grooming themselves and observing one another with lofty disinterest. Occasionally though, when required to do so, they will spring into action and fly-kick a full stop or karate chop an adjective!

The game is built in HTML5 and is integrated into BBC Bitesize website, available across desktop, mobile and tablet. Designed and developed to meet BBC accessibility requirements for the Hearing and Cognitive pillar, the game can be played by kids with partial or total hearing loss and a range of developmental needs.

Each cat was designed and animated in-house to give fun rewards throughout the games and unlock fun cats in the Dojo, to keep the kids coming back. We partnered with our local English content specialists TeachIt  to provide 360 English questions across easy, medium and hard levels for KS1.

A promo video was also created and produced in-house for BBC Bitesize social channels.

Featuring David Tennant as the voice of Sensei and Clare Corbett as the voice of the question master.

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