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Client: OxfamProduct: Mapping Our WorldLaunched: July 2006

Project highlights

  • Awarded a Children’s BAFTA for the category ‘Primary Learning
  • Winner of a Geographical Association Gold award
  • Unique interactive of a 3d globe unwrapping to form a 2d map

Mapping Our World

Winner of a ‘Geographical Association Gold Award‘ and a ‘Children’s BAFTA‘ for the category ‘Primary Learning‘, Mapping Our World allows children to flatten a globe, turn a map into a globe, and merge different map projections.


This unique interactive website works with maps and globes to transform children’s understanding of the world. It explores the relationship between maps and globes, and how different projections influence our perception of the world. It challenges the idea that there is one ‘correct’ version of the world map and is a whiteboard teaching product for 8 to 14 year olds.

Nine structured activities come with teachers’ notes and are designed for whole class learning on an interactive whiteboard or PC.

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