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Client: BBCProduct: GameLaunched: July 2019

Project highlights

  • A 3D dance skill and strategy game.
  • Train up your very own TNS dance crew.
  • Unlock new dance moves and outfits.
  • Designed to help players with visual impairment.

The Next Step – Take it to the Streets

Complete Control created this 3D dance skill and strategy game for one of CBBC’s most popular shows, The Next Step.

In ’The Next Step – Take it to the Streets’, you are the head of your very own fantasy dance troupe! It’s down to you to build your crew and train ‘em up to win the regionals… and beyond!

  • Explore the ‘TNS City’ to meet the dancers for your troupe.
  • Keep up-to-date with the story via an in-game messaging system.
  • Train your dancers in different dance styles and be ready to take on other dancers and troupes.
  • Earn points during the game to unlock ‘awesome’ new Outfits and Dance Moves.
  • Discover different locations and dance studios where you can train and compete.
  • Enter Solo Battles and Team Competitions on your way to the Regionals.

The CC team used innovative 3D face-mapping technologies to create 3D models of the cast from the TV show, and used motion capture dance moves to create realistic dance routines. The game is powered by the 3D WebGL PlayCanvas framework.

The game was designed from the ground-up to be fully accessible for players who have a visual impairment. The super-simple game mechanic, combined with key trigger sounds, genuinely assists visually impaired users to play and complete levels just like players who are fully sighted. The game uses screen reader technology to guide visually impaired users through the game and helps them follow the story.

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