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TV / Film Award for Popcast

Very proud to win a Creative Bath Award for the TV & Film category for our children’s TV series, Nick Cope’s Popcast and some of the amazing team collecting it on behalf of the studio.

Popcast is a TV series fronted by accomplished singer/songwriter Nick Cope, where each episode sees Nick, and his friendly dog Norman the Whippet, looking for ideas for a new ‘Popcast’ song as his quirky caravan is transported to a different location. Taking inspiration from his new surroundings, and with the help of ‘The Popcasters’, a team of young children who give Nick ideas and themes to sing about, Nick sits down to write an unforgettable song which is then broadcast to the nation in that episode. 

There’s an easy and homely charm to the show which combines the old fashioned and simple storytelling elements with songs like  ‘Baby’s Done a Poo’, ‘I’m a Little Lizard’ and ‘A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs’ that once you’ve heard you just can’t get out of your head.

Popcast is a collaboration between Complete Control, Nick Cope and Terrific Television to make a charming, original, witty yet complex mixed media TV series involving music, animation, children and animals!

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